1 Hour Game Jam!

It was lazy Saturday afternoon and I got spare time. After hectic weekday, it’s time to do some fun stuffs! Yay! What should I do.. what should I do… How about making a game? It’s been a while since I made a game by my own to let off some steam.

At first I thought “Hey Giri, maybe you can make 7 game in 7 hours, just throw away ideas, hackish code, and slap away those amazingly-ugly-arts of yours!” Mmm, really tempting, and I did willing to do so. I started my timer for the first game in 45 minutes, but little did I know, it was exhausting and one game is enough.

Want to try my little squishy creation? Check him out in here https://igrir.itch.io/flipcard

nice background color, eh

A super simple handsome guy about matching card game. The idea just came out of nowhere, the thing is I can exercise my game development skill using widely known mechanic like this one. Because the mechanic was so simple, I can focus more on problem solving such as random generation of card pairs. You can peek on my github.

HTML 5 exports from Unity as always made a huge size. A game like this one already as heavy as 13 Mb, whew. But Unity is really fast prototyping game engine, I quite fond of it. But maybe I’ll try web game engine (or framework?) like Phaser. Small size games are sexy.

Some post mortem? Made something finished is always fulfilling.