Devlog Push Slide: List of works

I’ve been thinking about tinkering something again. A nice little game to work on from scratch.  I think it’s a chance for me to get a whole experience of development and publishing. I hope I can delve  more about game development from it. So, hey, why not? Let’s build something for fun again!

The Game

I’d like to make a game about sliding puzzle game. But why sliding puzzle game? It’s a famous and simple game. The game is not unique in mechanic. Only pushing the blocks to empty spot. By maintaining this simplicity I can explore more about juiciness and polishing stuffs. And of course, get things done. Heehee. *looking through the pile of abandoned projects*

The Works

I have broken down some of the steps for this game development. It’s a combination of research, development, and publishing in one. Check this out

Research on coding stuffs:

  1. Draw picture part on tiles
  2. Move tiles
  3. Checking win and lose
  4. Scoring
  5. Timer
  6. Screens
  7. Main Menu
  8. Winning Screen / Losing Screen
  9. Login Google Play Games
  10. Google Play Games Score
  11. Load picture from gallery
  12. Google Play Achievement
  13. AdMob

Content building:

  1. Graphic asset creation
  2. Music asset creation
  3. Achievements
  4. Polishing and juiciness
  5. Sounds
  6. Splash screen, icons, and publishing
  7. Play store upload

Quality Assurance:

  1. Testing and Debugging


  1. Social media and stuffs

That’s quite a lot of thing to do. About 20 steps (and I expect more to come). But because it’s not deadlined project and my private “level up” to practice my development skill, I’ll give it a time.

Huh, but why I smell unfinished job if I say so? Let’s build the milestone then.

November – Pre-Alpha. The game is minimum playable.

December – Alpha.  The game has load picture functionality, juiciness added.

January – Closed Beta. Music and assets added. Everything tested out.

February – Open Beta. Ads running. The login works. Everything should be fine. Expecting bugs.

March – Version 1.


That was the ideal timing. But you know, it’s a side project. Because it’s “side”, so… I work it in my “side” time.

The Tools

It’s a game making, and we need something to scribble it. These are the tools I’d like to use

  1. LibGDX for the game framework. Why? It’s a light game framework (unlike Unity, which is an engine). I also wanted to explore the game development a bit lower level. It helped me to learn how the game application works. In Unity almost everything is magically happened, I blinded by simplicity of it.
  2. Android Studio for the editor. I think it’s a fully fledged IDE for java development specifically for the Android (duh, it’s called Android Studio for something)
  3. Inkscape
  4. Music? Err… Search the Free Non Royalty music, I guess.

The Time

I expect this game will be finished in 4 or 8 months. It will cost about $3000 or more. Lol.

Well, I think that’s all about it. Let’s see what’s to come.

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