1 Hour Game Jam!

It was lazy Saturday afternoon and I got spare time. After hectic weekday, it’s time to do some fun stuffs! Yay! What should I do.. what should I do… How about making a game? It’s been a while since I made a game by my own to let off some steam.

At first I thought “Hey Giri, maybe you can make 7 game in 7 hours, just throw away ideas, hackish code, and slap away those amazingly-ugly-arts of yours!” Mmm, really tempting, and I did willing to do so. I started my timer for the first game in 45 minutes, but little did I know, it was exhausting and one game is enough.

Want to try my little squishy creation? Check him out in here https://igrir.itch.io/flipcard

nice background color, eh

A super simple handsome guy about matching card game. The idea just came out of nowhere, the thing is I can exercise my game development skill using widely known mechanic like this one. Because the mechanic was so simple, I can focus more on problem solving such as random generation of card pairs. You can peek on my github.

HTML 5 exports from Unity as always made a huge size. A game like this one already as heavy as 13 Mb, whew. But Unity is really fast prototyping game engine, I quite fond of it. But maybe I’ll try web game engine (or framework?) like Phaser. Small size games are sexy.

Some post mortem? Made something finished is always fulfilling.


gamedeve.com, another blog

I always had a hobby to create a blog, last one was my journal about learning violin, it was quite a lengthy one, but not being updated anymore because I’ve got no time to write about it (and I have no time to play the violin too! *sad*).

Why do I write? I like to share my experiences and my thoughts. Like previous blog I mentioned about, surprisingly I met real person who read my blog and found it useful. It was uplifting for me!

As I no longer actively playing violin, but I also want to share something, and after several thoughts such as “Oh no giri, no you don’t” and “it’s going to be another thrown away blog”, I made a decision, I’ll make another blog about game development (ba dum tss).

And here he comes! *drum roll*


I’ll write the stuff mostly (or maybe all of it) in Indonesian. But why? Well, I found Indonesia has small resource of nice game development readings. When I was a little kid, Indonesian Forum and random blogs from their members was my best friend for game development (oh wow, that was Golden Era of Flash!). My english was “meh”, other article I found hardly understandable by middle-school age, so my mother tongue language to learn game development was utopia. A light bringer. A map of the world. A light which its ray shinin- okay let’s stop overdo it.

Mostly I’ll write a “little bit” advanced stuff and fundamental of game development, because I believe game development itself could inspire person to learn great stuffs. I’ll put basic how to tutorial to my other game developer fellow.

You can read my first post about Modularity in Menu System at there. Don’t forget to say hi at the comment box!

Keyboard Shortcut to Apply Prefab

“Save game objects in prefabs and apply them”. Easy task, eh? But it’s becoming tiresome when you have more than 10 of them. Luckily someone made the answer in Unity Forum:

using UnityEngine;
using UnityEditor;
public class ApplyPrefabChanges : MonoBehaviour
    [MenuItem("Tools/Apply Prefab Changes %#p")]
    static public void applyPrefabChanges()
        var obj = Selection.activeGameObject;
            var prefab_root = PrefabUtility.FindPrefabRoot(obj);
            var prefab_src = PrefabUtility.GetPrefabParent(prefab_root);
                PrefabUtility.ReplacePrefab(prefab_root, prefab_src,  ReplacePrefabOptions.ConnectToPrefab);
                Debug.Log("Updating prefab : "+AssetDatabase.GetAssetPath(prefab_src));
                Debug.Log("Selected has no prefab");
            Debug.Log("Nothing selected");

There’s also some useful tools from Trinket Studios which compiled some other great keyboar shortcut stuff in this github repo. Check them out!

Gamedev and Salary, How Much Do I Need?

Lately, my timeline full with a topic about salary discussion for game development in Indonesia. The trigger came from TechInAsia’s video. Check this out.

It wasn’t a really big survey actually. As long as I know, some folks from TechInAsia gathered and asking around people around the net using Google Docs, but it’s quite awesome.

The thing is, some people (from my Facebook timeline) quite surprised how the salary for game developer in Indonesia being too small. Is that so? Well.. yes and no. Uh.. it’s relative for each person, but they are quite at the rate of UMR (Upah Minimum Regional, or regional-minimum-salary). In Bandung it’s around Rp 2.6 million, so.. it’s quite OK for Junior programmer.

Frame freeze on Programmer.

Let’s convert them to dollar. The exchange rate for dollar as the time when this post written is about Rp 13.000 for a dollar.

Position Salary in $
Junior (< 1 year experience) $184.61 – $346.15
Mid (2 – 5 years experience) $346.5 – $446.15
Senior ( > 5 years experience) $461.53 – $846.15

Wow, it’s quite a lot of money… I guess? But, uh, yeah, I think I can’t compare the salary with another country, can I?

But then I am beginning to ask myself, how much do I need for a month to be a game developer? In Indonesia. Let’s scribble it out

  • I need food. I can have some decent food around here for Rp 13.000, well, depending what you eat.
  • Some place to stay, or “kost”. It cost around Rp 600.000 a month.
  • Then I need to buy some gas, which cost around Rp 30.000 for a week.
  • I need internet connection, and because I don’t have broadband, I used mobile internet for a month, which cost around Rp 150.000. You can buy 4GB of data with 20GB 4G bonus!
  • Let’s say I need to subscribe Unity Plus for a month, which cost around Rp 455.000.
  • I can’t concentrate well without music, so I need Spotify subscription, which cost Rp 50.000 a month
  • I hope I don’t get sick, but sometimes I go to the doctor and it cost around Rp 150.000
  • I need to have a maintenance for my vehicle, and it cost around Rp 200.000
  • Some snack will do. They turn tasty and yummy into code. Usually I budget them Rp 200.000 a month

Well, let’s sum it up

Something Cost
Food, Rp 13.000 x 3 x 30 days Rp 1.170.000
A room Rp 600.000
Gas, Rp 30.000 x 4 weeks Rp 120.000
Internet Rp 150.000
Unity Subscription Rp 455.000
Spotify Subscription Rp 50.000
Doctor Rp 150.000
Vehicle maintenance Rp 200.000
Some yummy yummy Rp 200.000
Total Rp 3.095.000

… which around $238, and you can survive here as a game developer for a month. Eh, that’s quite a lot. I didn’t expect that.

This topic still boggling me. How much does the product earn money in Indonesia? There’s got to be something correlated with it, right?

Well, I’ll save those dangling questions later. Now get back to work.