🎮 Games

Arabic HTML5 Education Games (2018)

💡Made series of educational HTML5 games using Phaser. Utilized Grunt to minify and package the project. Art by Jeffin

HTML5 Educational Game (Freelance, 2019)

💡Made math games using Unity to target WebGL. I also designed the gameplay and user interactions. Art by Jeffin

What Comes After (Fahmitsu x RGB Jam, 2020)

💡Contributed as Unity programmer, using Yarn as main game logic

What Comes After on Steam
What Comes After is a side-scrolling adventure and a short heartwarming story about learning how to love yourself. Help Vivi in her journey on the train to the afterlife and back.

📖write up: How We Made What Comes After

Bus Simulator Indonesia (Maleo, 2017)

💡Contributed as game and tools programmer. Implemented and scripted API calls using Playfab's CloudScript. I also implemented multiplayer gameplay utilizing Photon.

Bus Simulator Indonesia - Aplikasi di Google Play
Bus Simulator Indonesia (alias BUSSID) akan membawa kamu merasakan keseruan, suka, dan duka menjadi seorang sopir bus di Indonesia. BUSSID mungkin bukan yang pertama, tapi merupakan satu-satunya game simulator bus dengan fitur terlengkap (ada klakson om telolet om juga lho!) dan rasa paling Indonesi…

Anxiety: Lost Night (Maxi and The Gang, 2016)

💡A short and fun game jam with my friends! Contributed as programmer and helped content item placements.

Anxiety : Lost Night by Circus Horse
Claustrophobic horror game
Psst! Psst! It was played by Markiplier 

Extreme Challenge Wakeboard (Freelance, 2017)

💡Contributed as UI programmer

☢ Apps

Assemblr Studio (Assemblr, 2020)

💡Made file formats, helped UI/UX designer iterate and prototype implement gizmo control, and implement API calls

💻Other Stuffs

💡 RawiTween, a tween library

📖 write up: RawiTween: another Tween library for Unity

💡 My page,

  • Experimentation stuffs which pretty much abandoned projects in my spare time